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A What?

To start this funny game, tell everyone to take out a SMALL item (such as a hat, bracelet, shoelace...try not to have anybody pull out a wallet)

The game starts with everyone sitting in a circle. They should look to the person on their left and all say to that person, “This is a(n)..._(item)_______.” They then turn to the person on their right and say, "A what?", then turn back to the person on the left and say, "A(n)(item)", turn again to the person on their right and say, "A what", and then say, "Oh, a(n)(item)...”

Example: So let’s say your item is a pencil, and the person to your right has a hat. This is what you would say: "This is a pencil…a what? A pencil…a what? A pencil…oh, a hat!" And continually pass the items until everyone is laughing their heads off, or completely messing up.

Try to have the whole group say, "A what?" at the same time. It should take anywhere from 5-7 seconds to finish a sentence.

If someone messes up they are removed and the circle gets smaller. Several people can be removed in one round. If no one messes up, just continue until someone does. Keep playing until the circle works down to a small number. If no one is messing up… speed up the game. And don’t forget a good principle with any game…stop the game before it drags on too long. It’s better to stop a game and have them want more than to keep playing a game after it expired long ago.

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   Jerrod         7/22/2011 10:40:07 PM

First saw this at a youth camp as a teenager. I loved the rhythm to it, fun to play, but equally fun to watch. Oldie, but a goodie!