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Allowing God's Spirit to Flow in Your Life
The Holy Spirit

Have you ever felt like God never hears your prayers? Have you ever felt like God's spirit never reaches you? Could it be because you have too much stuff in your life cluttering God's spirit from freely flowing into your life?

When we have stuff in our life that God does not approve of (lust, sex, drugs, alcohol, secular music, bad movies, unhealthy relationships with boyfriends or girlfriends, etc.), it blocks the flow of God's spirit moving in our life.

Here is how to visually demonstrate that truth. Take a water bottle and cut the bottom off. Tape the part of the bottle that you drink out of to the opening of a milk jug. Make sure and remove all labels so the kids can see clearly. After this prop is set up, take a 2 liter bottle full of a colored liquid. The liquid represents God's spirit, the jug represents the individual. As you explain this to the kids, take a paper towel and ball it up and tell them that it represents _________ (something in their life that God does not approve of.) Cram that paper towel into the water bottle opening. Continue to do this with different paper towels representing different sins until the water bottle is full. Then, take the 2 liter bottle and begin to pour it over the paper towels. As you will see, when your life is crammed with sin, God's spirit will only trickle in your life. Then, remove the paper towels and pour. The liquid will freely flow into the jug. That is what happens when you ask God to remove those sins from your life. His spirit flows freely which means prayers are answered, etc.

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   Ms Lonnie         4/13/2017 10:00:59 AM

I think this is a great object lesson. it seems easy enough and not too messy.

   Joseph Wood         5/27/2014 9:39:57 AM

Could use more description and maybe visual examples.


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