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Don't Bite It!
Self Control

Learn What the Bible Says About Being Under Control

Don’t Bite It!

Information: This discussion is designed to help students understand what it means to have self-control.

Items Needed:
  • Bible

  • Several packages of gum (Juicy Fruit works the best)

Opening: Hand out gum to several students in your group. Tell them not to open the gum until they understand the rules. Tell them to put the gum in their mouth but only rest it on their tongue. They are not allowed to bite it for the rest of your discussion.

Transition: "Your mouth is going to begin to water and it will probably get harder to resist just taking one little bite."

You will find that it is harder for some students to do this than others.

Text: There are a ton of verses that talk about the tongue and self-control.
    Prov. 18:21
    Prov. 21:23
    Prov. 15:1
    Prov. 13:3
    Prov. 15:2
    James 3:2-12

By Andy Matzke

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   sarah menard         11/28/2016 7:46:26 PM


   Jeff Welch         3/13/2016 12:18:04 PM

Bubble gum lesson

   linda garrett         2/24/2016 1:14:56 PM


   Melissa         2/3/2016 10:40:12 AM

This is hilarious and amazing. I have 3rd-6th graders and they are a bit out of hand and this is the perfect lesson for them. Thank you for the idea!

   Olbin         5/1/2015 8:37:02 AM

Great lesson

   Stephanie Austin         7/2/2014 12:20:22 PM

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   Janel Robinson         1/11/2014 6:49:40 PM

Great simple object lesson.

   Carmen Cunnigham         3/4/2013 2:15:52 PM

Using this at Bible Study this Sunday. This will be my first time teaching there. Hope they enjoy it. Thanks!

   Kelly         1/23/2013 2:14:14 PM

I know this is going to be a big hit!


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