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Balloon Squash Outdoor

A balloon for each player (plus extras)
A few cans of shaving cream
A plastic tarp
Two Buckets

Players should wear bathing suits or old clothes and bring a towel. Be prepared to hose them off when the game is done.

Preparation: You should have one shaving cream-filled balloon per student playing, plus a few extra in case any pop. Divide players into two teams. Set up the plastic tarp, and put the bucket of cream filled balloons near the tarp.

How to Play: When the signal is given, a player on each team runs over to the tarp. One leader will place a balloon on the tarp, and the player must sit on it until it pops. Then they run back and tag the next player to go. First team to be sitting down after all their balloons are squashed wins.

Added by Nick

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