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Tape Head

"I Need a Shoelace" with a twist; can be played with small or huge groups. The up-front person divides teams (in audiences of rallies or other large gatherings you can make each section of chairs a group).

The upfront person then yells out a demand for a somewhat common item that people might have on them. The first team to bring up that item wins that round. Have each team elect ONE team leaders who will wear a hat with tape all over it on their head. Teams must stick the items called for to the hat to remain there until the end of the game.


I need a...

  • shoelace

  • student body card

  • nail file

  • chewed gum

  • sock with a hole in it

  • movie stub ticket

  • Driver's Liscense

  • quarter older than 1980

  • hair brush

Also see I Need a Shoelace, Move Right If, & Sit Down If, all on Audience page and Velcro Head on Upfront page.

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   Lee         6/24/2011 9:40:28 PM

Worked perfectly when I used it to kill time at a concert we hosted. Kids loved it. We gave prizes to the entire group of winners (free soda in the back). If you can, try to add that. It helps!