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Squirt Game

Have everyone sit in a circle. Designate one person as the "squirter" and one person as the "moderator." For the first round give your squirter a spray bottle of water. This student names a topic, such as "Rides at an amusement park," or "NFL teams" and whispers one item in that category to the moderator.

Squirter goes around the inside of the circle, pointing the spray bottle right in the face of each person, who must quickly name an item fitting the topic. Squirter lets them have it if they don't name one right away, OR duplicate something already said, OR if they name the item whispered to the Moderator by Squirter. The person who got squirted becomes the new Squirter and selects a new topic, whispering a specific item from that topic to the moderator. Topics are endless: "Running" (running shoes, tank top, water bottle, treadmill), "NBA teams" (San Antonio Spurs, LA Lakers, Detroit Pistons), "G-Rated Movies" (you and I both know they still enjoy them ? ) You get the idea.

Note: If you have a big group, you may need to have a couple of circles going at the same time.

Added by Youth For Christ

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