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Play Doh Pictionary

Just like it sounds! Pictionary, but with Play-doh. Divide into teams. Have a representative come up front from each group. Whisper a Pictionary word (like "dog") to the group and they must run back to their group and, without talking, mold that word with Play-doh.

The Point: You can use words from your topic or lesson to introduce the subject.

Put a staff member on each team cuz kids might cheat (so do some staff members!)

Also see Play Doh Snowman (Click Here) and Pictionary Mania (Click Here).

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   Dennis         2/26/2017 12:53:34 PM

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   Benjamin Spears         7/2/2011 8:04:27 PM

This is a pretty fun game, and a nice twist on simply drawing pictures. You could also do a weirder version by using everything from mashed potatoes to spam instead of play doh.