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Penny Challenge

It's similar to $1000 Bill Exchange (Click Here). Seat the group in a circle, giving a penny to each person. A jackpot of extra pennies is created before the game.

The goal is for students to win as many pennies as possible from their peers by challenging them one on one doing one of three things:
    1. Thumb wrestling (10 second time limit)
    2. Rock, paper, scissors
    3. Flipping a coin

  1. Each person in the circle is given a turn to be the challenger. The person may challenge anyone they choose.

  2. You must accept any challenge.

  3. Sudden death, no two out of three.

  4. Challenger has to have a coin and is "heads" on the coin toss.

  5. If the challenge is Thumb Wrestling or Rock, Paper, Scissors, the challenger may declare, “Jackpot!” prior to the challenge. If the challenger wins, he/she receives the opponent’s penny in addition to all the pennies in the jackpot. If the challenger loses, the opponent receives the challenger’s penny in addition to all the pennies in the jackpot. If they tie, both the challenger and the opponent must place their pennies in the jackpot.

Added by Cory Goode

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Comments on this post

   Bradley McCarty         1/27/2012 1:49:41 PM

I don't get the jackpot part. Could you explain more? Once one person wins the jackpot then it's theirs? can someone else take it from them? If they tie then where does the jackpot go?

   Karen         6/24/2011 5:18:46 PM

Just did this one last week, but we left out the jackpot element. The kids loved it . . . it was great for getting the kids to mingle. We let everyone walk around challenging others at the same time with the rule that you can't challenge the same person twice. It was loud and fun and got kids meeting others.


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