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How’s Yours?

This is a really fun game that is also very, very simple to play. You need zero supplies or preparation! Told ya it was simple. Here’s what you do.

Choose one student to go out of the room and way out of ear shot. While that student is gone (with an adult volunteer…just to make sure), you stand in front of the rest of the kids and pick one object (usually a body part or an article of clothing) that everyone has.

Once you have decided upon an object as a group (for instance, nose, big toe, shoes, mouth, car, mom, etc), call for the student who was outside to come back in. When he/she comes in, he/she will go around the room and ask everyone, "How's Yours?"

The other students’ responses need to be one or two words describing that object that was selected. After everyone has had a chance to describe how theirs is, the student who went outside must try and guess what object everyone’s talking about.

Tip: Have the kids use very vague adjectives to describe the object. For example, if your object is your nose, make sure you explain to the kids describing their noses not to use something obvious that will give it away (like runny). They can use words like red, sore, big, narrow, loud, etc.

Our kids love this game! If your group is larger, maybe only have 10-15 kids describe "How's Yours" to keep the game moving and minimize the repeat answers.

Idea by Jeremy W.

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   Andrew         1/26/2016 4:15:33 PM

Fun and easy, no setup or cleanup. Works great for small group nights.

   Glen         9/25/2012 9:56:00 AM

My youth really like this game.


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