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2015’s Summer Blockbusters (PART 1)
A Sneak Peak at the Movies That Will Target Teen Audiences
David R. Smith

Based on this summer’s movie lineup, it appears as though every major studio in Hollywood is out to destroy Earth. From genetically-altered dinosaurs to artificial intelligence gone rogue to a very crude teddy bear that can talk, we might not make it out alive.

Here’s your guide to surviving...
JONATHAN'S BLOG: Was the Pei Wei Hostess Right?
Last night when I finished teaching my More Than Just the Talk parenting workshop in Albuquerque, NM, a bunch of us went out to catch a late night dinner together.

About 15 of us walked into Pei Wei (the poor man’s PF Changs) at 8:38 p.m. A young employee walks up to us and said, “Oh, wow. Yeah, I just wanted to tell you that we close at nine o'clock.”

One of the guys in our group, a police officer, looked at his watch confused and said, “Well… it’s 8:38.”

She said, “Well, it takes about 15 minutes to cook your food and that would only leave you about 5 minutes to eat.” She paused… registering her own words, then quickly added. “Not that we would kick you out.”

We all smiled and said, “Okay. No worries.” And left.

15 feet from the door we all paused and began debating. “What the heck just happened there?” We laughed and began discussing, “Do you think her manager knows she’s turning away large groups of customers 22 minutes before closing?”

So as we were all eating our dinner at Chipotle (who gladly welcomed our party of 15), the topic of discussion was, “Was this girl’s customer service shrewd?” We (most of us over 40) all thought it was ridiculous. But then one of the couple’s 18-year-old daughter showed up. Her dad chuckled as she was off ordering her food and told us, “Ask her what she thinks.”

I commented. “Oh, I know exactly what she’s going to think. She’s a Millennial. She’s going to side with the girl at Pei Wei.”

As we told this 18-year-old the story, we hadn’t even finished the story and she quickly retorted, “Oh, absolutely. That’s so rude!”

We all looked at each other confused.

“Who was rude?”

She continued. “It’s rude to walk in when the restaurant is closing like that. People do that to us at Starbucks all the time.”

That’s when the discussion became really engaging.

So... what do you think?

Was the Pei Wei girl right? Do you think the Pei Wei owners would approve of her actions? Or more intriguingly… is this younger generation going to invoke a new “employee first” customer service mindset that old customers (like me) will have to adopt?

Season 5, Episode 16, Conquer
It’s the Season Finale’, and 90 minutes just didn’t seem like enough time. I can’t believe we have to wait until the fall to see more The Walking Dead!!! (Good thing we’ll be posting Season 3 discussions this summer here

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Pruned By God

Pruning can be a painful process…but it’s a necessary process. This resource from our OBJECT LESSONS page will explain how God does it for our good!


How to Pull It Off:

Say, “If you happen to know anybody who gardens, you may have heard them talk about “pruning.” When a gardener prunes his plants, flowers, or trees, essentially he is cutting away dead or dying branches that will otherwise harm the plant. 

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Hanging Up Her Wings

Teenagers need to know that if they want to follow Jesus, there may be some things they have to give up. This excellent resource from our YOUTUBE DISCUSSIONS page will show them how.

The Discussion Starter: Hanging Up Her Wings
When the gorgeous Kylie Bisutti won Victoria’s Secret Model Search in 2009, the young “angel” was fitted with a pair of the company’s iconic – and highly coveted – “wings.” She’d bested ten thousand other hopefuls in the compe

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