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The 2014 Summer Movie Lineup – PART ONE
An Overview of the Big Screen's Biggest Blockbusters
David R. Smith

This year's summer movie lineup has something for everyone: sequels & originals, action & comedy, science fiction & Greek mythology... and unfortunately, as Hollywood usually does, they've thrown in some gratuitous sex for good measure.

Grab your popcorn; here's our...
JONATHAN'S BLOG: Brutally Honest Advice to Today's Guys
A bunch of people have been asking me the story behind my brand new book of brutally honest advice to today's guys. The truth is... I almost didn't write it.

Last summer my agent called me and said, “I’ve got a book for you to write.” I thought, No way. Already swamped. I was wrapping up my Zombie book, and halfway through writing Get Your Teenagers Talking, all this on top of all my speaking and training for our ministry... but then he told me what the publisher wanted:

“It’s a book that will provide candid advise to teenage guys.”

He hooked me. I couldn’t say no. Next thing I knew, I was writing The Guys Guide to God, Girls and the Phone in Your Pocket.

I sent out texts to my friends and family and asked them this question:

What advice would you give if you could speak freely and truthfully to a young guy today?

The responses that trickled in were insightful… and hilarious!

And now it’s on the shelves. 101 real-life tips including. . .

  • Today’s nerd is tomorrow’s boss.

  • If you have to look over your shoulder to check if anyone’s in the room, you probably shouldn’t be typing it into the search engine.

  • Learn a skill that would help you survive a zombie apocalypse.

  • Realize most bad choices usually began five choices ago.

  • If you have a TV in your bedroom, unplug it right now and move it to another room.

  • Remember: the girl you’re checking out is someone’s daughter!

  • Take off your headphones and play your music out loud.

  • Guy’s who get hooked on porn can’t even satisfy their wife.

I spend about a page or two on each tip, sharing candid truths… just what today’s guy’s need to hear. New York Times Best-Selling Author Nancy French calls it, "Refreshingly Brutal."

It’s been garnering some decent reviews so far. Check out what people are saying on Amazon (24 reviews posted so far).img class="alignright size-full wp-image-8244" src="" alt="Guys-Guide-BLOG" width="150" height="204" />

“The Guy’s Guide to God, Girls,
and the Phone In Your Pocket”


Season 1, Episode 2 – Guts
Things are definitely heating up in and around Atlanta in the second episode of The Walking Dead, titled ‘Guts’- and I’m not just talking about the sweltering temperatures. The opening scene obviously gives us a look into a potential coming

Some kids are too cool to do anything.  Part peacock, part pubescent, their pride gets the best of them at almost every turn... NOT these kids.

My kids will laugh at silly jokes.  They eat Happy Meals.  They watch kiddie shows and are unashamed.  They wear cat ears, 3D glasses with the lenses taken out, and give themselves names like Batman, Nightwing, and Doctor Wolverine (that name is mine, by the way). They are nerds…to the EXTREME.  So of course, we get along JUST FINE.  

Nowhere is this hardcore geekiness more evident than at our awesome new boys group, Guys and Fries Thursday. Every week I meet a small group of junior high 6th and 7th grade guys at McDonald’s to eat french fries, play card games, and talk about important life topics. We build mountains of french fries and use ketchup packets to make them into volcanoes (or we would if the kids actually ATE KETCHUP with their fries). Last week we had an epic battle of slapjack and used the parable of the unforgiving servant to discuss the topic of forgiveness. We also went off on rabbit trails, leading to one kid talking for ten minutes about the best way to get out of a cave. After all, these are junior high school boys, so focusing is always an issue.  Many have the attention span of a 6-week-old-puppy in a field filled with butterflies.  

And that’s on a good day.        

And yet, in spite of the silliness and beneath the crazy laughter, coupled with the random card games and the nerdy times, there are real Gospel truths being presented, and barriers, like walls, that are tumbling down.  

See, some of these kids you’d never spot worshiping in the youth room at your church on a Sunday morning.  But campus ministry is a different animal altogether:  With us, atheists mingle with Christians, agnostics with Mormons, Jews with Muslims.

And that’s Youth for Christ/Campus Life at its best. That’s what we can be: A haven for people who do not know the Gospel; a place where kids can go to just be themselves. We gather representatives from various tribes, tongues, and nations together in one room to learn stories, build relationships, and point kids to Jesus Christ.  

This is just the beginning of what we’re doing here at a Sacramento suburb middle school.  In less than a school year, we’ve launched a successful weekly Monday Campus Life club, a guys group, and continue to build contacts within the community, all while maintaining a breakfast club that regularly sees an average of 120 students every Friday (we’ve written about that before in this column).

How are you reaching the campus near you?

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